Vegan Friendly, Gluten free,
no Preservatives, no colouring. All Natural

Welcome to a new concept in healthy eating. Veggie Sheet has been created to supply our customers with vegetable sheets which are sourced from first world food wastage. We aim to help make the world a better place, by helping the environment and the health of the people who occupy it. 

Hailing from Japan where they have already become a big hit with adults and kids, these vegetable sheets come in 5 flavours. They can be used in a wide variety of ways in cooking, allowing you to express your creativity. Due to the unique way Veggie Sheet has been created, the product has a two year lifespan from time of manufacture, without added preservatives.



Environmental & people-friendly sheets which has created many smiles for many reasons.

Did you know that there is a serious problem of wastage in first world countries? In some countries, nearly twice as many vegetables are disposed of straight from the field as enter sales circulation. Most of the time this is because they are ‘non-standard vegetables’ – whose sizes, shapes, and visible faults do not match the wholesaler's standards. In the UK, up to 37,000 tonnes of produce are wasted each year. 

Veggie Sheets are made of these discarded vegetables. The only ingredients for Veggie Sheets are vegetables and agar. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives are used. The vegetables’ nutrients and fibres are all compressed into the sheets.


Flavours & Ingredients

Veggie Sheet is a new food product made by processing vegetable paste into a sheet, using a method similar to nori (seaweed sheets). Our unique manufacturing method, based on years of research, means Veggie Sheets maintain the delicious taste and vivid colour of vegetables, all in an innovative sheet format.

Currently there are five varieties of Veggie Sheet available: carrots, radish, tomatoes, pumpkin, and spinach. All with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, lasting for two years (unopened, at room temperature). 

Fresh Produce


A Little More Info

Dietary fibre

There are two types of dietary fibre: water-soluble dietary fibre that is soluble in water and water-insoluble dietary fibre that is difficult to dissolve in water. Water-soluble dietary fibre suppresses postprandial blood glucose levels, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, and lowers sodium, thus preventing lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. Insoluble dietary fibre improves constipation and reduces the risk of colorectal cancer to make bowel movements smoother.


Iron absorbed in the body combines with protein and is carried by blood in the body. The transported iron becomes haemoglobin and is involved in oxygen transport, this becomes a component of myoglobin that stores oxygen in muscle.
Lack of iron can lead to iron deficiency anaemia, which can make you feel heavier, breathable, complex, and tired.

α-Carotene ・β-Carotene ・Lycopene

Α-Carotene, β-carotene and lycopene are natural pigments contained in plants. When they enter the body, they are converted to vitamin A with the help of vitamin B and amino acids. In addition, lycopene has a strong anti-oxidant effect which helps prevents skin aging by preventing spots and wrinkles and reducing sunburn.

Vitamin A

Retinol, the main component of vitamin A, works to keep the eyes and skin mucous membranes healthy and increase resistance.
Retinol is also necessary for the synthesis of a substance called rhodopsin that is involved in the light-stimulated reaction in photoreceptor cells, and therefore has the function of maintaining visual acuity in dimly lit places.



leading the way with Veggiesheet

The unprecedented new ingredients in the form of a sheet that tastes like vegetables and are natural and colourful, colours will greatly expand your cooking potential. In addition to being used in French restaurants produced by famous chefs, innovative recipes such as 
everyday dishes, lunch boxes and party menus are born one after another.



London, UK

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